Landa Mabenge Consulting is an independent consultancy which has, as its focal point, the education and creation of awareness on what it means to be transgender.

A UCT Alumnus, Landa Mabenge is the founder and managing director of Landa Mabenge Consulting. Landa is also the author of Becoming Him-a trans memoir of triumph.

Landa is the first known transgender man in South Africa to successfully motivate a medical aid for the payment of his gender alignment surgeries. He has extensive experience working in the private and public health care sectors in South Africa.

Landa currently works with the Stellenbosch University Equality Unit, where he is a community partner for their Programme for International Students. He also works with other institutions of higher learning as guest speaker and facilitator, specifically for their equality and transformation units. His consulting services extend to marginalised and impoverished communities, where he facilitates engagements sessions, using his personal journey as a catalyst to educate, create awareness and link others to health care.

In 2017, he was selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. Through this fellowship, Landa was able to hone his civic leadership through rigorous academic and leadership training in the United States between June and August 2017.

Landa is passionate about community youth engagement and is a serving on the USAID’s youth advisory board and is also a youth mentor at SAYes Youth Mentoring and provides much-needed guidance, advocacy, and support to youth who are currently living in state facilities. He also serves as a non-executive board member for an NGO, Transgender Intersex Africa (TIA) which advocates for the rights of transgender and intersex persons, particularly in rural communities.

Landa believes in the fundamentals of compassion and humanity and is committed to being of impactful service through conversations that inspire a return to being human first.